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              Welcome to the website of NingBo SanJie lighting Co., ltd. Now internet age makes us closer not only the distance but also the mind. IT makes us through time and space, to communicate and cooperation. Thus, the website is a way where can show rich and current news of our company to the visitor.
            Our company insists on the principal of providing our customer good price and good quality, making progress on the basis of innovation. treating our customer in good faith. Our business philosophy is based on good human resource management and good quality control system. As our company passes ISO company control certification, therefore our operation is under the scientific, regulated and strictly controlled system. In order to achieve win-win economic and regard social benefits as the goal, all the employees work hard to promote and facilitate the development of lighting industry and have made outstanding contribution to our ambitious. Based in Zhejiang, think globally, we believe in that our company will have bright future and make huge development through our own effort and the commission of our employees. Also, it is our great pleasure to work with you together and create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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